All I see is ‪#possibility‬! After a coach-to-coach call with Misty Buck Iglesias at Faith Love Journey, I feel so motivated!


Thanks for earlier. You are such a motivational coach! Definitely your calling! You’re really good at calming someone down and bringing them clarity. Thank you.


My phone call with Misty was very fulfilling. She asked me questions that helped me pinpoint certain fears that were holding me back in my work as a performer/speaker, and my life. Then she gave me exercises that changed my perspective about myself and my audience. From that I felt I was able to give myself permission to be me, then go and do just that! I’m having fun doing what I love, and it feels so easy now. Thank you, Misty! You rock!

Pam Bruno

“Achieve It” Workshop Testimonials

I enjoyed this session and realized that you have to be truthful with yourself in order to achieve your goals. Thank you! You should positivity and warming with lots of understanding. I truly enjoyed the class! 


Misty opened a door for me to see what I had forgotten and was there all along. Sometimes we just need to have the right direction to clear away the fog.


We humans, we all have story to tell. We just wish to find someone with unbiased ears to listen to us and try to understand. Doing workshops like these allows us to free our minds and allow our hearts to talk. Thank you for your gift and many blessings. 


I liked it a lot! You don’t realize how hard it is to think and talk about yourself until you are in this kind of workshop. Misty helped me realize that I’m a soul that deserves to be happy and once you find your life purpose the sky is the limit. 


“Release It” Workshop Testimonials

“The workshop opened my mind to opportunities that were present, but I had not seen before.”- David Unger

“Very inspiring! Misty showed me where and how I can adapt my lifestyle to change in the ways that I want. All barriers can be broken once you are awake and willing to make a change”. – Rachel Weisberg

“I was pretty nervous before going- no one likes being vulnerable! But I was surprised at how much interacting with other workshop attendees helped. I’m really happy with the exact mix of people- I seriously had forgotten how important gardening/farming was for me until I heard David and Rachel. It was an awesome coincidence. My first experience was excellent.” – Franca Berti

“This workshop was great! It helped to open my mind to other possibilities, accepting what I fear, and how it holds me back. Letting go and finding ways to move forward.” – Margie Pena

The workshop was more than I expected. We paired up to work together with other attendees and then Misty worked with each pair. I enjoyed the open discussion among the group as well.” – Monica Manasa

“What a release! What a relief! The laid back, welcoming setting makes it easy to just release our burdens, let go of whatever may be bothering us…because we all know there is plenty! Misty is amazing, open and fun. Love her! Love it!” – Jacki Beolet

“Do overs last throughout life. This workshop is a way to be free to take advantage of do overs.” – Maggie Buck