Freedom Independence Life Choices

Independence at its core is the ability to make decisions and take action without consulting others. We constantly strive for independence and freedom, but what strikes me is how easy it is to become trapped in our own mindset. We allow negative thought habits, distorted perceptions, and poor self-esteem to dictate how much freedom we

how to stop waiting for the other shoe to drop

At a certain point in our lives we reach a common ground: we’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop. When you’ve experienced heartache and hardships over and over again, it sort of becomes the norm. It’s almost like you can’t really enjoy the good times because you’re just waiting for something to knock

how to have self compassion to reach your goals and live your purpose

You’re ambitious. You’re independent. You’re strong-willed. You won’t let anyone or anything tell you, “no.” You refuse to conform. You’re a creator. You are as determined as you are compassionate. You push yourself to the limits into new boundaries to gain new opportunities. Yet, you rarely stop long enough to enjoy your achievements. One is

How to relax and clear your mind in 5 minutes or less

Scroll down to access the link to listen to this article. Crazed day? Hard week? Are you on the verge of losing it? That intense tension is a sure sign that you need to relax before you do or say something that you’ll regret. I’m sure you’ve heard of “pay it forward.” Well, it also